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Types of Medical Approaches for Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags can be annoying and unsightly, especially for people who are involved in swimwear and makeup modeling. Skin tags are normal, benign, small, soft tags that hang from a person’s face, neck, and armpit area. Many people tend to opt for a skin tag cream to make their skin smooth and flawless in such a situation. It happens because they do not think skin tags are a big deal, and it is more about cosmetic uplifting than a health risk. 

skin tagsAlthough not a threat to someone’s health, skin tags can accidentally get caught on clothing and jewelry, leading to bleeding. In some cases, some people are more prone to having excrescences than others. If you are among the many, getting skin tag removal will be your best remedy to eliminate this annoying piece of skin hanging on your skin. Generally, people may hesitate to remove the skin tags due to the pain, but there are many different and less painful ways to remove them. 

The first and best thing to do to remove the skin tags is to consult at any skincare clinic or hospital. In this process, you will get much better and comprehensive advice regarding whether you can remove them on your own or need professional help. While proceeding to do so, read more on these usual processes that you can perform for removing skin tags.


skin tag and moleThe first approach is freezing the skin tags to eliminate them. In this process, you need to spray nitrogen liquid on the skin growth to freeze them and eventually kill it. After that, you can remove the epidermal tag with sterile surgical equipment or by simply dropping it on its own. Besides skin tags, the surgeons also implement this modern clinical technique to remove other skin growth such as warts and moles.


The second approach is burning the skin tags. In this process, you have to get the anesthesia since the surgeons use the electronic medical cauterizer to damage the tissue to remove unwanted growth. After the burning, the skin tags will slowly turn dark and drop off the skin. Since it uses electric currents, this process may have a risk of dyschromic lesions or skin burns. However, the result is faster without excessive bleeding.


The third approach is to stop the blood circulation in the skin tags using a sterile tying rope or dental floss. After that, cut the skin tags off with clean scissors. It may look painful, but it is not since you are under anesthesia. However, this process takes a longer time to cure the skin tags completely.

These surgical procedures can be performed in a doctor’s office or an office, depending on your skin tag’s type and location. Suppose you don’t have enough money for a surgical process. Understandably, the process can burn your pocket because your insurance plan may not include these cosmetic surgeries. You can always ask for a free consultation to check different removal methods that you can do yourself.