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All You Need to Know About Celiac Disease

Many people love to eat candy or any sweet food and beverages. However, there’s a disease that not allowed people to consume gluten due to the damage to their immune system. This disease is called celiac. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease because it damages our body’s immune system. Many others have a relatively milder sensitivity to gluten. If you want to know more information about this disease, you can visit doctissimo.fr and check out this article.

The Cause of Celiac Disease

glutenThis happens because the celiac disease affects the gut, where nutrients are absorbed from food. Whenever you’re not getting the essential nutrients your body needs, or your brain, you’ll slowly begin to show imbalances in mental well-being.

What starts in the gut seems to maneuver throughout the body and affects the functioning of the body and brain. There are many antidepressants on the market and many remedies to solve depression. But the first solution for many sad celiacs is apparently a strict fermented diet.

The Consequences

glutenMany people with celiac disease are unaware of the serious consequences of gluten intake. They try to avoid products containing gluten, but often have problems with cross-contamination. Various foods contain gluten. Sometimes there is a surprise change in labels and people are used to carrying articles about the reasons for their previous understanding.

Connection to Depression

glutenThe celiac disease creates problems with the intestinal villi (lining of the intestines) when eating gluten. Gluten is called “poison” to people with celiac disease. Even if celiac patients eat a gluten-free diet, they may suffer from depression because of problems adjusting to this disease and the common diet. It is only natural that a person who has been advised to stop eating for the rest of their life will become upset and angry at the very idea. Along with the changes in their diet, there can be many nutritional deficiencies that lead to a depressed mood. The consequences of celiac depression are catastrophic.